The main problem with accepted testing strategies we use today is they’re nothing more than an annual snapshot in time.  They’re also severely limited in scope and realistic adversarial behavior in order to not injure the operating business. Once validation and tuning are complete it’s now time to ensure there is no slipping back into unidentified risk.  With your new ability to use CASV or Continuous Automated Security Validation it only makes sense to use it in your daily policy routine. CyberGRC will help you create your playbooks to ensure you consistently test vital areas of your network and security stack for environmental drift.  We’ll help you establish consistent and clear executive level communication that everyone can understand. No more security speak, no more assumptions, no more relying on an external and reactive assessment for business continuation. We’ll help you make CASV a consistent part of your team’s daily routine.

There is a significant value in your ability to test networks and security products in real time.  Eliminating the months of waiting to get back a watered-down penetration test will save thousands of dollars in both time and money.  You’ll discover in your proof of concept, our platform’s value is returned in as little as one hour. Amplifying these improvements are the reporting capabilities available to support the need to add a new technology to reduce a new risk or remove applications that are no longer necessary.

We’re aware these skills and capabilities sound to good to be true, please reach out to us for a demo, you will not be disappointed. Email us at to schedule your demo.