How can evolving technology improve mission critical areas of your business?

AI and ML driven technology can ask and answer highly complex, business critical questions enabling your team to do more with fewer resources. AI/ML models are no longer struggling with massive quantities of inbound data, nor are they confused by data external to your organization and competency allowing for unprecedented external visibility while maintaining up to 99.5% accuracy.

Organizations struggle to hire and retain experienced SOC analysts, data engineers, experienced red and blue team staff, fraud framework and reg tech staff, and so on. The answer has been to outsource these functions at a very high cost and, at times, with poor results. The other phenomenon we see is risk and required tasks go unresolved or unmanaged resulting in cyber and compliance drift. Typically leading to a breach or a significant compliance fine potentially in the hundreds of millions.

There’s a better way.

A partnership with will get you a new team member with evolved and effective strategies in your need areas at no cost to you. We make money when we improve process and reduce budgets, so the pressure is always on us to perform, never on you. We will help you close these gaps that lead to drift with tools and strategies your employees will embrace, limiting costly turnover as much as possible.

The one risk we do have a good handle on is the cost of a breach averaging somewhere around $20M to $30M. For the larger enterprise, this estimate could be ten times that number or more. We know that plaintiff disclosure costs can reach up to $50.00 per record which doesn’t include a federal compliance penalty or the cost to mitigate the breach and return to normal operation. You no longer need to live with this risk. We believe, by working together and using our tools, we can reduce your exposure by 90% or more.

Our customers receive:

  • A partner in reducing cost, human execution, and cyber/compliance drift up to 90% in some areas
  • State of the art tools and technology allowing your company to grow as planned
  • Make security effective and reliable by seeing into the future, defending yourself before you are attacked (We’re not kidding, this is possible right now)
  • Compliance penalties are on the rise, as are rules and regulations from many directions. Our team will assess your compliance eco system from end to end identifying gaps and wasted effort ultimately lowering cost and reducing risk
  • Having the ability to see your risk not only offers the ability to mitigate in near real time, but it also offers insight into many other areas of your security strategy and its effectiveness
  • There will be 20B+ credentials circulated through the dark web in 2021, knowing in advance or in near real time which credentials in your organization are compromised is a massive advantage potentially saving hundreds of millions in penalties and breach defense
  • In a post breach environment, having the capability to know exactly which credentials were compromised could save millions in damages

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