Governance. Risk. Compliance.

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) are difficult to mange because they are pervasive throughout the organization. Failing to adequately manage GRC can cause lasting damage to your reputation, finances, trade secrets, employees, and even your customers. These failures can often be more expensive than the cost of a breach.

With clear understanding of GRC processes and systems automation, your organization can accelerate its compliance efforts and gain value with the right partner who understands these problems. A “Systems Thinking” approach, with help from CyberGRC, will yield a more cost effective, efficient, and secure environment all while reducing risk.

Cyber Security with Scale & Efficiency

With CyberGRC’s platform, we combine security and compliance into a unified service offering which reduces the enterprise’s risk, cost, and complexity. Our approach means there is one support team to handle your needs – making the entire process highly efficient and effective.

Governance, Risk & Compliance – The CyberGRC Model of ProtectionGovernance, Risk & Compliance - The CyberGRC Model of Protection

What is Cyber Governance?

  • Governance is critical to the life of a business and highly intermingled with risk and compliance as the foundation of GRC.
  • The governance of your architecture is significant in defending of your assets. Staff awareness is a critical element to governance and cannot be overlooked. Architecting your network to consider governance is critical in addressing some of the major vulnerabilities bad actors exploit

What is Cyber Risk Management

  • Everything from behavioral to capital risk is taken into consideration when developing a quality risk management strategy that allows for growth and protection.
  • Prior to penetration testing, CyberGRC performs security assessments to identify risk and guide the customer to take precautions and make changes. Breaches can’t be prevented without a thorough risk assessment.
  • Performing a risk assessment and penetration test is no longer sufficient on only an annual basis — these compliance requirements must shift to an automated full-time and ad-hoc model to be effective.

What is Cyber Compliance?

  • Compliance encompasses behavioral, systematic, auditing and regulatory realms. When a requirement for organizational change is identified, it can take hundreds of person hours to complete. Our training educates your employees on specific regulatory needs (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, or another form of legal compliance) and ensures changes becomes corporate culture.
  • With the CyberGRC compliance platform, we don’t have to ask what part of your network we should start hardening.
  • Our risk management and mitigation strategies are critical for your success.

Ready to Build a Safer Network?

CyberGRC is a team of cyber security and compliance experts whose missions are supporting your team, keeping your data safe, and keeping your company’s name out of the press. Are you ready to have our team build you a network with layers of protection that no other provider can supply?

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