The initial process we take a customer through is to validate and optimize their security strategy.  We will assess the interoperability of the strategy end to end and in the cloud. We will find inefficiency in people, process, and technology that will need to be optimized along the way.  This process is accelerated with our platform that allows for one common language. We’re able to support every area of your business while working in partnership with your current IT and security team to get you to what we call a “Known good state”.  Security tuning can be a daunting and slow task, with one common language created by our platform, the transformation can be completed in record time. This process includes security vendors like an MSSP who may not be fulfilling their SLA with you, firewall and SIEM policy, and SOC staff.

The next step is to rationalize 100% of your spend on security and cyber insurance in the form of a stress test.  Here we’ll identify overlap and introduce reductions in risk to your insurance carrier, often netting a reduction in overall spend.  This is not a penetration test and should not be confused with one. We believe that after doing hundreds of penetration tests, they are due for a major upgrade.  We believe third party vendor assessments are also in need of an upgrade and CASV will assist in your enterprise not accepting risk from other companies. This combination of internal and external proactive focus will harden your organization, reduce your security and insurance spend, and most importantly it will reduce your risk of a breach to an acceptable level.

The team at CyberGRC will be there to help facilitate these changes as your partner and accomplice.  Results don’t lie! Give us the opportunity of sharing a demo with you and your team at and you’ll clearly see why you can have these results in record time with little to no disruption.