Zero Trust Model

It’s Not *If* – It’s *When*

The Zero Trust Model: Protecting Your Data in a Post-Breach Environment

Most pragmatic network operators share the opinion that their network will eventually be breached.

In a worst case scenario, a network has been breached, current prevention tools have failed without notification (known as a false negative), and the company doesn’t know that the bad actors are in… Now what?

Most bad actors are in a network for an average of 8 months before they are discovered, during which time they have gathered and stolen valuable data. They are typically discovered only after the victims or their banks have been notified by the FBI or Homeland Security. After notification, companies initiate their Incident Response Plan (if it exists) and call their vendor on retainer (if they have one) to assist with the next steps.

Once the dust settles, the incident response teams will try to figure out how to prevent the breach from happening again. In other words, the security products they selected, purchased, implemented, and vouched for failed. Recovering from this failure can be a monumental challenge… so what next?

Zero Trust Model Strategies

For our customers, the Zero Trust Model strategies and tools are the only thing we’ve seen that can stop our own hackers during a security audit or penetration test. CyberGRC’s network defense includes:

  • Predict – Predictive analytics generates advanced warning of attacks 52 days before they occur with 98.7% accuracy.
  • Access – Implement best practices and policies for least privileged access. This is no longer an option in a cyber security strategy.
  • Deceive – Use high-fidelity deception technology to misinform and identify internal and external threats.
  • Comply – Set compliance standards and track them through to completion.
  • Test – Enable existing security teams to pentest their environment automatically against corporate security strategies to ensure compliance.
  • Validate -The most important question you should be asking your team is “How do you know?” Our security dashboard displays your “Safe State” and is focused on the needs of executives.

With the Zero Trust Model, You Are in Control

Our approach uses tools that we know stop our own pentesters in a penetration test 99% of the time. These security measures force bad actors to give up their secrets and allow you to watch their every move.

Is there such a thing as a hack-proof network? We don’t believe so. But we do believe there are things you can do before, during, and after a breach that will significantly limit losses.

Ready to Build a Zero Trust Network?

CyberGRC is a team of cyber security and compliance experts whose missions are supporting your team, keeping your data safe, and keeping your company’s name out of the press. Are you ready to have our team build you a network with layers of protection that no other provider can supply?

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